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A garden- but not as we know it, Jim
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Now that warmer climes are appoaching, Imagine a bug free garden that needs zero maintenance.

B&Q and Homebase (UK Diy stores) could sell ready made gardens by the roll. All one needs to do is roll out the required length of astroturf, cut to fit, and then apply lots of nice plastic flowers aroud the eges- voila!

An artificial christmas tree would be a nice touch and an optional extra could be a clingfilm water feature- as seen on Postman Pat.

While your neighbour is still toiling away in the hot sun, trying to eradicate those pesky weeds, you could be enjoying a beer with your plastic (inflatable) friend.

bongo, May 05 2005

Fragrant Garden Roll http://www.mileskim...UCT&iProductID=9124
Baked, more or less. Same concept, real plants. [Soterios, May 05 2005]

Astrogarden® Project R&D http://www.astrogarden.us/
The company Astrogarden; there's no relationship - other than an accidental name collision - between the 3D virtual environment consultancy that owns the service mark and halfbakery.com or this idea. [jutta, Apr 07 2006]




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