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Beeping lawn sprinkler system

A sprinkler system that beeps just before turning on
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People often get wet because of spinkler systems in the movies. I dont know if it happens often in real life, but why not install small speakers (in a tiny waterproof dome) on the sprinkler heads (or whatever they're called) that will beep about 15 seconds before the system begins to sprinkle. That ought to give one enough time to get out of the way.
maximus5, Jun 28 2005


       Hey what's that beeping noise? <goes of to investigate>
zeno, Jun 28 2005

       Fifteen seconds would not have been enough time to get me out of the sleepingbag at my wife's uncle's place. He forgot to tell us about the sprinklers and we got a rude awakening at 5 am. The water does a pretty good job getting you out of the way though. Took us about 2 seconds after we realized what was up.   

       You'd have to establish some proprietary sound that was only associated with sprinklers.
oxen crossing, Jun 28 2005

       Easily implemented in a low-tech way. Just ensure that the plumbing has a vent so that the supply lines lose water (and fill with air) when the system is off. Then install a whistle or similar in each sprinkler head.

As the water is turned on, it will drive the air ahead of it, making all the sprinklers whistle before they start sprinklinging.
Basepair, Jun 28 2005

       basepair ++
supershnitzel, Jun 28 2005

       // I'm not sure this entire idea is necessary but the solution you have proposed is brilliant.// I think that should be translated into Latin as a HalfBakery motto. Whistling sprinklers would fill a much-needed gap in the market.
Basepair, Jun 28 2005

       I like [basepair]'s idea, but the water in the pipes will probably travel too fast to give ample time to run away. The warning should come before the water's turned on.
maximus5, Jun 29 2005

       There is, however, something slightly appealing in the idea of having it beep to tell you that in the next second you're going to get sprayed.
Etymon, Jun 29 2005

       Slightly related bragging: I was at a convention in Dallas, out on the roof garden with a large group of other people, when the sprinklers in the shrubbery all around us suddenly started up. It was well after closing time for the garden, so we couldn't say they didn't warn us, but there was only a second's worth of fizzling, and people were sitting on the edges of the planter boxes, so it turned into a screaming mess very fast. I am proud to say that I grabbed a glass from someone's hand and up-ended it over the nearest sprinkler before the water could really get started, and then started covering more sprinklers with other glasses. Other folks copied me, and the party kept going, with the sprinklers gurgling under the glasses.
baconbrain, Jun 29 2005


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