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bio-artificiall lawn

Artificial lawn that actually has epiphyte plants attached to it
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Atificial lawn made of plastic but with some vegetation growing on it, doing photo-synthesis and having a cooling effect, giving off oxygen and owning a beautiful truly alive green color.

This artificial lawn does not need cutting, or watering, but is comfortable to sit on, and sustains life.

Most important, it doesn't reach boiling temperatures in a mild afternoon. (I'm all against artificial lawn altogether, but I see it more and more).

pashute, Jun 07 2010


       Interesting. It would have many of the problems of a conventional lawn, though: weeds; needing to be mowed....   

       But I like the idea of mixing real grass with a synthetic grass. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2010

       so those blades would have to contain cyanobacteria in some form... difficult, I imagine. [+] for a start anyways.
FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2010

       On second thought, I would hate to see this happen. I like the natural world, as long as there's some left of it, better. (One of the reasons we don't have a lawn in our garden)
pashute, Jun 09 2010

       I don't like the idea of mixing, I have a olfactory memory of a "garden" in an office building I visited a couple times a year. Upon entering the building I would be hit with the smell of deteriorating plastic. Oppressive.
dentworth, Jun 09 2010

       Very convenient. You could also make some great topiaries.
Riki, Jun 09 2010


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