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Atari Restaurant

Lots of things to do
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Chuck. E. Cheese is a restaurant for younger kids, filled with little games with which you can win tickets and use those tickets to buy prizes.

A more mature locale is more suitable. Consoles and PCs set up with games, old large Atari machines, and more litter this place.

People then challenge each other. They insert a coin and the battle starts. The winner of the match, be it Pong, Smash Brothers Melee, or Mortal Kombat, recieves tickets with which he can buy food.

Thus the better you are at video games, the cheaper the food is for you.

DesertFox, Sep 06 2006

Dave & Buster's? http://www.daveandbusters.com/?f=1
[Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 06 2006]

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       This needs more detail. How is this not just a restaurant with video games and weird pricing?
phundug, Sep 07 2006

       I bet they have a Pac Man beer machine. It costs 6 quarters & you can't get the beer until you complete level one.
Zimmy, Sep 07 2006


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