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Bug-Fighting Roughies

Superfood immunity enhancing fast food store
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Kale and pomegranate smoothies. Great food choice, except that it's processed, it's like so close yet so far. And all the store is doing, their only justification for existing, except that they get the food and bring it to some place you can pick it up, is that they chop it up into millions of tiny pieces, destroying at least some of its natural benefit. So without hoping that people will one day again be allowed to forage for their food and use their brains only for what they were created for, to choose whether to turn left or right after eating the previous leaf, maybe an incremental step would be for a smoothie shop to just process their food less and sell "roughies" -- almost unprocessed combinations of pomegranate, coconut oil, kale, ginger etc.

Bugs? It's all bugs and they're all moral. Can we get down to that level please? Health and morality are the same thing. Humans are just the most organized coordinated bug systems out there but the rest of everything in the world is more shittily coordinated bug systems.

JesusHChrist, May 26 2015

Unprocessed superfoods https://www.kroger....?hash=findStoreLink
And they sell cheese! [bungston, May 26 2015]


       /smoothie shop to just process their food less/ It is a great idea. There is a place like this close to my house. The unprocessed ingredients are laid out in big shelves. Some of them get misted with water to stay crunchy. You can pick out what you like and process it at home, or just process it in your own built-in food chopperupper.   

       Link for you to find one attached.
bungston, May 26 2015

       //or just process it in your own built-in food chopperupper.//   

       This is totally unrecognized by so many. Everyone knows that unprocessed foods are superior, but few know that as soon as you eat it a whole lot of processing happens. Firstly, teeth break apart macro structures, following this, there is an ACID bath, with proteolytic enzymes, then further processing exposes the food to alkali and DETERGENTS before a whole cocktail of further enzymes essentially reduce food to a homogeneous mush. We need to get back to nature, no one needs a homogeneous mush, it just can't be healthy.
bs0u0155, May 26 2015


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