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Dessert Island

Getting stranded couldn't be tastier
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You are on holiday and have just finished dinner at a fine restaurant. Instead of spending the evening sitting at a table listening to jazz music, you and your mate take the boat to Dessert Island.

The staff helps tie your boat to the slip and welcomes you. You walk around a stone path through lush tropical vegetation and grab a drink from the bar.

You proceed downstairs to the aquarium and spend some time looking at various exotic salt and freshwater fish and crustaceans.

The two of you walk upstairs and sit down on one of many comfortable seats placed randomly around the island. A waiter quickly visits you with a dessert tray. You choose the tiramisu while your mate requests the mango cheesecake.

After going upstairs for some dancing, you find a table and sit down for some ice cream and espresso before heading back to your vessel.

Dessert Island is a theme restaurant, bar, and nightclub. But you will find no entreés here; Dessert Island only serves dessert.

ed, Aug 21 2007

Desert Island Disk Delivery Service Desert_20Island_20D...0Delivery_20Service
This (somehow) spawned my idea [ed, Aug 21 2007]

Yahoo Answers: Wouldn't you feel a trifle silly? http://answers.yaho...070706025654AA584uk
[jutta, Aug 21 2007]

Will they serve this? http://www.luxist.c...-expensive-dessert/
[k_sra, Aug 21 2007]

Or maybe this? http://www.foodmall...-piece-of-food-art/
[k_sra, Aug 21 2007]


       Sounds like a visit to the Sydney aquarium and then nipping up top and sitting in the pastry shop or a visit to Mooloolaba.
skinflaps, Aug 21 2007

       Congratulations! You're the 1,000,000th person to make this joke! *Cue balloons falling from ceiling, music, CEO dropping by to congratulate...*
jutta, Aug 21 2007

       Isn't if funny how the words Desert and Dessert seem to look and sound alike, yet they have such huge differences in meaning...it's almost like a hole in the universe....huh?
Blisterbob, Aug 21 2007

       I searched for this idea, figuring at least a dozen variations of an island that served dessert would already exist here on the HB. I found nothing, so added this for completeness.
ed, Aug 21 2007

       That something isn't here yet doesn't really mean that it needs to be.   

       Do you mean 'mate' in the animalistic sense of the word or as in 'chum' or 'buddy'? I've been thinking about it for a minute and I'm really not sure.   

       Also, I think everyone who clicks on this idea knows what to expect. It would have been much better if you'd made a Simpsons-esque swerve:   

       -"I hear we're going to Ape Island."
-"Yeah, to capture a giant ape. I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island"
-"Candy Apple Island? What do they have there?"
-"Apes. But they're not as big."
hidden truths, Aug 21 2007

       I'm desserting this idea...
xandram, Aug 21 2007

       // Do you mean 'mate' in the animalistic sense of the word or as in 'chum' or 'buddy'? //   

       It was meant as a gender-neutral word for a platonic or non-platonic relationship, like "partner", "companion", or "friend".   

       Methinks I would have less bones if I hadn't used the awful pun in the title. Lesson learned.
ed, Aug 21 2007

       There once was a buffet-style restaurant chain hereabouts (can it still be called a chain if only existed city-wide?) that used to have their food set out on separate display fixtures such as the soup pot, the salad bar, the entree cart, the beverage fountain, and finally, the dessert island.
Canuck, Aug 22 2007

       I'm afraid - I'm actually getting used to [Treon]'s unique language.   

       Here's a translation:   

       A pun using the phrase "de~~ert island" may still be funny, however.   

       Look at this: "<~ ) 3WJ3"   

       See if you can figure out how that reads "as you were" (hint: it's a unique form of 1337).
globaltourniquet, Aug 23 2007


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