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Clientele Signifiers

Modern tribal insignia for your bar
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Bars and clubs usually have some kind of atmosphere designed to attract a certain clientele or to make one feel like one belongs to that particular in-crowd. Why not go beyond lighting, maintenance, decoration, and the contents of the jukebox and just have symbols on the outside of the bar? These would be some kind of easily identifiable iconography. A football helmet for jocks and jock sniffers, the silhouette of Buddy Holly glasses for hipsters. A pot leaf for hippies. A martini glass for yup-and-comers. A big screen TV for sports fans. A cigarette smoking in an ashtray for beat-up old drunks.
Wisconsin, Feb 11 2005


       With the growing literacy trends, we could see signs like the old days....a chicken leg and a cup for a pub.
normzone, Feb 11 2005

       A laptop: for cafes with WIFI and no conversation.
A half a criossant: for a holodeck-type wonderland.
robinism, Feb 13 2005

       Sounds pretty much like what people used to do - - "hanging a shingle."
contracts, Feb 14 2005

       " I've got 500 shares of Veronica Zemanova, asking $29.95 !"
normzone, Feb 14 2005


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