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Bits of Bugs and Little Thugs

Insect themed restaurant with midget thug waiters
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Basically, it would be a smaller restaurant with walls covered in different preseved insect parts. Light menu served by rude midget waiters dressed in biker outfits. Specials menu would include some fried insect meals. Fun for kids? Educational? Or just an alternative Saturday night outing? You tell me ...
ilirium, Mar 03 2001

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Not quite as good a name, but bonus points for actually existing. [egads, Oct 22 2004]


       Well, there's the Insect Club, a restaurant/bar/club here in Washington D.C. with an insect decorating motif. Back in my club kid days I went now and again for the music and the free bowls of popcorn grasshoppers.   

       (Now, looking to see whether the Insect Club has a webpage, I find out they shut down. Alas.)
Uncle Nutsy, Mar 04 2001

       Hey there, table thirty-three has a birthday today! Light the citronella candles on their cake, grab your flyswatter, and let's ROCK and ROLL!
reensure, Mar 04 2001

       Would they do rehearsal dinners? How about wedding receptions?
1percent, Apr 04 2001

       One advantageous by-product: migdet waiters make the portions look bigger
lsenater, Sep 26 2001

       Reminds me of a tea shop in Trincomalee. Sat down at the smart black table. Ah - it's actually dirty beige when all the flies buzz off.   

       Wouldn't midge waiters be more in keeping with the theme?
snagger, Sep 26 2001

       Washington eh? Well, I suppose every city has to use what it has an abundance of.   

       (at the insect club)... 'And if you look right above you, this grand specimen is the Alanis Goritis...'
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2002

       I'll give you a croissant just for the catchy name.
tchaikovsky, Aug 12 2003

       Omigod I would SO SERIOUSLY EAT HERE if I came across this in the phone book. The world needs more establishments with these sorts of names.
egads, Oct 22 2004


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