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Athlete's Sock

Medicated socks for sufferers of Athlete's foot
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28 pairs of individually wrapped cotton socks, each pre-treated with over the counter fungicides. Wear one pair each day, and throw them in the laundry when you take them off. at the end of 28 days, you will have completed a full course of treatment, and you can wear the old socks as normal socks. Comes in Casual, (All white), Business, (All black), and Weekend Warrior (20 black, 8 white)
dbsousa, Jul 21 2005

John Logie Baird http://www.scotland...elp/index.aspx?1077
Invented a medicated sock, as well as a few other notable things. [jurist, Jul 21 2005]

"99.9% effective in preventing growth of Athlete's Foot Fungus on socks" http://www.renfro.com/men.html
I must admit, I thought we were trying to stop the fungus from growing on our *feet.* The sock can fend for itself. [DrCurry, Jul 22 2005]

Silver Socks http://www.tipptoes...en-us/dept_110.html
antibacterial etc [shinobi, Jul 25 2005]


       Brilliant, but what's wrong with just buying the foot powder separately and treating your socks? I've already got a drawer full of socks - all grey.
elhigh, Jul 21 2005

       Many patients stop using medication when the worst symptoms disappear. Many people don't like to do laundry as long as they have clean socks. This product appeals to the part of the venn diagram that includes both traits.
dbsousa, Jul 21 2005

       excellent idea. Elegant.
energy guy, Jul 21 2005

       Very good. In the same vein, could you have clothing that gives you a suntan, hats that streak your hair, birth control bras, or nicotine shorts?
ldischler, Jul 21 2005

       An idea that is long overdue.
shapu, Jul 21 2005

       Well, clothing you can tan through is already baked, but I like the idea of hats for hair coloring.   

       Not sure I'm comfortable with birth control bras or nicotine shorts. Both of those drugs can be troublesome in administration.   

       A bun for the idea - I need to go sock shopping anyway.
normzone, Jul 21 2005

       why is athlete's foot such a bad thing? it really needs some other name.   

       e.g. some-other-athlete-with-an [hic] -aversion-to-soap-and-water?
po, Jul 21 2005

       //An idea that is long overdue.// On a side note, Scotsman John Logie Baird, who is sometimes credited with inventing the first television in 1924, also invented a medicated sock which reputedly sold well to mothers of adolescent boys. (See link)
jurist, Jul 21 2005

       did we thump them with it?   

       waits till morning for link.   

       hi jurist!
po, Jul 21 2005

       Only qualm is that, umm...   


       Nope. No qualms. BUN.
daseva, Jul 21 2005

       How about this +1 Evil idea: The socks are embroidered on the toe with the day numbers 1-28. The last sock contains a substance that keeps foot fungus dormant but does not kill it along with some dormant foot fungus. After you're happily pain free your feet flare up again and you buy another set. Especially effective against patients who initially bought the socks for hypochondriac foot itch.
joeforker, Jul 22 2005

       [joe] - I strongly suggest you peruse the business:scam category. Seems right up your alley.
shapu, Jul 22 2005

       But please, don't extend the idea to medically treated underpants. We won't go there. +
doctorremulac3, Jul 24 2005

       Interestingly enough (& gross enough), tinea and ring worm are the same type of bacteria...
gorjabuble, Jul 25 2005

       This idea reveals a huge potential for similar products - medicated goalie masks for acne, medicated hats for dandruff, and a whole line-up of (sorry [doctorremulac3]) medicated underwear for any one of a plethora of afflictions of the nether regions. But you 'll need a much snappier name for the product line. "Fashion Therapy" perhaps?
Canuck, Jul 25 2005

       bun. Saw something simmilarly interesting the other day in Harrods. Socks lined with silver. At first I thought this was just a silly gimmick, and the fact this was in Harrods confirmed this. I later learnt that silver fights off bacteria, odor and itching....so not such a gimick at all....i'll link it. Elasoplast even makes plasters lined with silver (as seen on TV).
shinobi, Jul 25 2005

       How about soaking the socks in Melaleuca alternifolia oil (sorry, can't spell it in English) or something similar in action, such as Calendula?
nineteenthly, Jul 25 2005

       Throw in a similarly treated jockstrap and you've got a solid gold idea!!!
Noexit, Jul 25 2005


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