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Atlantic 1000 Hair Bodifying Spray

All natural!
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Is your hair limp and dry? No body? Do you miss the full, strong hair you have after a summer swim in the ocean? Do you want that same beautiful hair even in the middle of a Duluth winter? We will help you!

BUNGCO has taken a page from the savvy marketeers at Fiji Water with the introduction of Atlantic 1000! Pure ocean water drawn from 1000 meters down in the Atlantic, this Bodifying spray will impart humectant minerals to your hair, drawing in moisture and providing body all day long. Simply spray on your wet hair after your shower, then proceed to style or comb in your ordinary manner. Atlantic 1000 is all natural, and is not tested on animals.

Coming soon: Arctic 88, Irish Sea 140 and Great Salt Lake 0.8!

bungston, Jul 07 2006

BUmble and Bumble surf spray http://www.bumblean...AT72&PRODUCT_ID=221
already baked by bumble and bumble [ModernDivo, Aug 03 2008]


       Awesome. What does it smell like?
jmvw, Jul 07 2006

       Surfer's Hair, I think they call this, and I do know kids who affect the look.   

       Only quibble: I suspect the water 1,000 meters down in the Atlantic is not at all the same as the water swimmers encounter in most parts of the world - no sand, no mud particles, no effluent from the local sewage works. Might spoil the effect entirely...
DrCurry, Jul 07 2006

       Seaweed is a common ingredient in many natural hair sprays and gels, so this sounds OK as long as it doesn't smell like fish. +
xandram, Jul 07 2006

       Not tested on animals? you inumane, lying, otter-experimenting... PETA will quickly prove that this product has been involved in the death of countless animals for millenia.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2006

       I want the same hair effect that all of the chemicals, urea, floating particulates and pollution have to offer with the first 10 feet of oceanic water, I mean, afterall I don't know too many that swim 1000 links under sea for those surface effects your product offers, I would buy 'Atlantic 10'. Hmmm, wasn't Bo a '10'????
FrankLeeWacko, Jul 08 2006

       ideas like this are like cream - they float to the top.   

       trouble is, other stuff does too...
po, Jul 08 2006

       of course [phlish], the joke here is you could easily make your own - swipe salt envelopes from McD if you are on the cheap, or use sea salt if you want to do it up. Make your own, try it out and see if it works!
bungston, Jul 09 2006

       Pure ocean water on hair. Saltwater on hair. Salted hair after water dries. Salt your hair. Salt. On your hair. All day. I can see if you have dry hair, you would want to put salt on it.   

       Let's remove the salt, first, then take a look at this idea. Hold production on the Great Salt Lake 0.8.
Corona, Jul 09 2006

       I think the Bumble sisters picked this up and ran with it shortly after I posted the idea. I am always happy to see one of my little concepts baked into obscene profitablility, even if my own profit is only vicarious.
bungston, Aug 03 2008

       perhaps a cogen Otec scheme built around the high piping volume from the vast demand for tonsorial products
beanangel, May 26 2009

       i'd like to apply for the advancement of this, and all other related ideas   

       thanks much o
8o8, Sep 02 2015

       Welcome to the BUNCGO family, 8o8. You can get to work right away on the new Searles Lake line. The current pitch is "More Boron!" but you can buff that up. Plus you will need to collect the stuff, bottle it and market it.
bungston, Sep 02 2015


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