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Edible shampoo

More than just non-toxic
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Leaves your hair tasting great and looking shiny with natural fruit oils. Natural flavorings too. Perfect on your morning toast, in the shower
slippyfist, Aug 24 2007

Kevin Dickinson (2005) http://www.sincerel.../edible_shampoo.htm
"We could call this edible shampoo “Edipoo” (named after Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric shock)." [jutta, Aug 24 2007]

"I would like to eat as many things as possible." http://jeromeblanc..../27/edible-shampoo/
(The actor being interviewed, Justin Long, plays the Mac opposite John Hodgman in the popular TV ads.) [jutta, Aug 24 2007]

Student project (2006) http://www.plms.iss...rina/Reviews(1).htm
It's a bit rough, but I like that Paris Hilton's review actually starts with "Omg." [jutta, Aug 24 2007]


       Does this go on toast flavored soap?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 24 2007

       I don't like wet toast.
xandram, Aug 24 2007

       This is a fast bakery. You guys can burn something quick! Okay, now I'm off to buy some edible shampoo to enjoy...
slippyfist, Aug 24 2007

       Edible anything gets my yada yada yada. [+]
daseva, Aug 24 2007

       <adds salt>   

       sorry but I don't eat my hair
po, Aug 24 2007

       Wouldn't you get hair balls?   

       (read again, see there is no *y*)
skinflaps, Feb 11 2008

       Isn't it supposed to be edible shampoo? Not edible hair? Where is the part of the edible shampoo in the article above..? Just wondering..
laurepauree, Feb 14 2008


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