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billowy soft stand up head hair

light activated hair gel turns rigid without light during setting, causing just the hair base to stand on end while the long part moves softly n naturally
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this video got me to think of a new kind of light activated hair gel, that only turns rigid with no light, thus it is only rigid right near the head, giving lots of volume while maintaining softness of look as well as movement generally

Now I know you people want to know how it actually works, like UV LED amplifies the activity of hydrogen peroxide (much like light activated teeth whitening), then make the hair gel from something that turns floppy or dissolvable with active hydrogen peroxide. Another possibility is the photoisomerization of stilbene, a chemical similar to the beneficial resveratrol. Stilbene melts at either 5 or 125 degrees depending on if UV light is there.

I do not know which ones yet a number of proteins dissolve more with (hydrogen peroxide water) than water alone. so a blend of those peroxide dissolvable proteins with some kind of glue would turn watery then wash away, leaving just the uplifting hair gel as well as the untreated flowy hair.

I think a polymer with the occasional stilbene at it would be sort of like washes away with UV rubber, so the hair base would be soft on the pillow.

Also although the word peroxide is being used a bunch here, this is just a light activated gel. I think you have to combine hydrogen peroxide with ammonia to bleach.

beanangel, Feb 07 2012

this video is kind of funny, its a music video yet it is like a shampoo ad http://www.youtube....watch?v=f9npeqqFdz4
hair rigid at the base is more likely to move with light motion [beanangel, Feb 07 2012]

kids still remember how to do this! http://jaimelkr12.f...1/09/static-021.jpg
[xandram, Feb 07 2012]

jedward http://www.telegrap...ith-Sony-Music.html
[po, Feb 08 2012]

stilbene looks like resveratrol It melts at either 5 or 125 degrees depending on UV light http://en.wikipedia...ki/%28E%29-Stilbene
[beanangel, Feb 08 2012]


       Could it be? [beanangel] is into viral marketing?
normzone, Feb 07 2012

       I like the high-voltage approach better, for making hair stand up.
Vernon, Feb 07 2012

       Yeah, seen that on a mountain top on a cloudy day. We decided to retreat...
normzone, Feb 07 2012

       Or give a friend a call on one of those old crank telephones. It'll make the hair stand up, and sometimes curl.   

       Bone from me, because what happens at night? The hair stands out like a really, really big porcupine, that's what.
Psalm_97, Feb 07 2012

       [ ] bit of a difference between "rigid" and "straight".
FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2012

       Remember that we used to rub balloons on our heads when we were kids to get that effect?
xandram, Feb 07 2012

       //bit of a difference between "rigid" and "straight."// True, and I sit corrected. Mostly because I'm too lazy to stand. Still unpleasant though, the hair becomes a hardshell helmet.
Psalm_97, Feb 07 2012

       /rub balloons on our heads /   

       You can get it from sliding down a slide too. Anything which imparts a charge to the body. Thus this end can be accomplished by a device which generates static electricity, affixed to the body. Such a device could be battery powered or could be powered up with a crank othr other mechanical input, and perhaps worn concealed under clothing.   

       Note: clean hair is required.
bungston, Feb 07 2012

       People who wouldn't keep their hair clean probably don't care about how full it looks.
Psalm_97, Feb 07 2012

       The title specifies *head* hair. Not everyone would be so specific.
mouseposture, Feb 08 2012

       I think a photoactive rubber like polymer would make the uplift areas comfier on the pillow
beanangel, Feb 08 2012


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