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AtomBomb wireframe sunglasses

Either a fashion or a tattoo
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This is a two dimensional mushroom-cloud shaped outline that could work as a functional wireframe for a pair of sunglasses that are anchored in the nostrils, or a tatooed shape on the face to make a fashion statement. These sunglasses or a tattoo of this outline on the face would remind people who you encounter:

1. That you are crazy 2. That, if they were to say hello to - or happen to mention the weather to you, that thermonuclear activity would not be totally off the table in terms of an outcome. 3. That it is all about fluid dynamics, hippy. 4. That people, and many animals and plants, are toroidal worms with a series of fluid-dynamic folds that sense a corresponding series of dimensionally-related informational-formats, that are like really cool and far out, and that your cool sunglasses are representative but somehow more cool even than this.


JesusHChrist, Aug 08 2012

Atom bomb sunglasses http://netfreedombl.../08/untitled_7.html
[JesusHChrist, Aug 08 2012]

TEPCO Fukushima videos archive 665 megabytes http://tepco.webcdn...download/120806.zip
[not_morrison_rm, Aug 09 2012]


       ...and if you're in the mood for some atomic themed video nasty, to watch through the atom bomb sunglasses, see link to TEPCO Fukushima videos zip archive (665 MB). Probably not subtitled, but maybe not really needed.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 09 2012


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