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adjustable polarising sunglasses

Polarising glasses that DON'T work automatically.
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You know those glasses that get darker when you go outside and lighten when it's night or you go indoors?

Well, they should build adjustable versions, say with a slider on the side that lets you adjust the darkness level.

Not really that important, but great if you are one of those people who wears prescription polarising glasses, but likes to wear sunglasses at night.

mrkillboy, Jul 01 2000


       Real automatic sunglasses take a while to adjust, so this could actually be useful.   

       In circular sun-glasses, you could rotate one linear polarizing filter against another.
jutta, Jul 01 2000

       Would be very useful. Polarising glasses have an annoying habit of turning dark whenever it's even slightly light, which makes you look daft in the winter. As Jutta points out they also take time to adjust so some sort of manual adjustment mechanism would be far better.
MrTheRich, Jul 03 2000

       Like those "flip" shades?
rayfo, Nov 23 2000


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