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CSI Miami Sunglasses

plays The Who sample when placed on bridge of nose
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see http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=_sarYH0z948 for product example. A switch in the nose pad of the glasses would play an embedded sample of The Who classic "Won't get fooled again" when the sunglasses were donned.
machaus, Jan 22 2007


       There is no worthier goal in life than re-enacting television.
jutta, Jan 22 2007

       Jutta's anno: [marked-for-tagline]
shapu, Jan 22 2007

       I watch Mythbusters solely to give my life direction.
bungston, Jan 22 2007

       (Braving allegations of listery) How about a shed that plays the A-Team theme when anyone gets locked inside?
zen_tom, Jan 24 2007

       Or bath taps that sing Catfish Grabblin when turned on?
skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

       A web browser that plays the theme from Mad Science when you go to the halfbakery.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 24 2007

       This would be fabulous. My other half enjoys CSI:Miami, and I deride Horatio's character for being wooden and his particular pose with the sunglasses (at least 8 times every episode). If I had a pair of these babies, my parody would be complete.
Jinbish, Jan 24 2007

       I'm boning this because I don't want to see any David Caruso look-a-likes running around posing with their stylin' shades every 5 minutes.
Noexit, Jan 24 2007

       Not just posing - posing, and listing hard to port.
shapu, Jan 24 2007

       ...or my turntable that plays the theme from the Flintstones...
xandram, Jan 24 2007


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