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Atticare Drying Closet

Insulated room uses "green" energy, i.e. heat built-up in attic to dry clothes
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Anyone who has been up in their attic on a warm day knows what kind of heat can build up without proper venting. The air temperature in my attic varies from 95-125 from Spring/Fall/Summer when the power vent is not on. Why not put that dry hot air to good use?

The Atticare Drying Closet consists of a small, insulated closet that has two tiny solar-powered fans to circulate hot attic air throughout the chamber containing hanging racks for clothes. Idea has been advanced because my clothes dryer, although vented to the outside, still heats house considerably in Summer causing the air conditioning to run. Also, much of my clothing requires hang drying which is a slow process.

I have considered a clothes line...but drying my boxers in the out-of-doors has many drawbacks...like: line marks on clothes, clothes falling on the ground, neighbor grilling out, lack of privacy, and rain.

Additionally, I could fit it with a bench so it could double as a dry sauna. :)

Monty6, Feb 25 2009


       The generation of my grandmother hauled all the clothes into the attic for drying... then along came the dryer.   

       Baked, crumbled, and ready to be a Semmelknödel (which the online translators tell me is a bread dumpling)
loonquawl, Feb 25 2009

       My bedroom is a loft, and this IS the way I dry my laundry in the winter!
xandram, Feb 25 2009


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