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Aubergine (eggplant) camera

Vegetable photography
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Grow an aubergine plant. When the fruit appears, hollow it out carefully without removing it from the stalk, prick a hole in the end and cut a longitudinal slit, then insert a leaf from the plant into the slit and turn it through ninety degrees, again without removing it from the plant. Fix the aubergine in position and leave it for several months, then remove the leaf and steep it in tincture of iodine. The result: a completely aubergine-based long exposure of the area by the aubergine.
The problem is how to do all this without killing the aubergine. Any ideas?
nineteenthly, Nov 24 2004

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey http://www.artsadmi...html#Living%20Skins
These artists have baked this with grass, but using transparencies, not a pinhole camera [krelnik, Nov 24 2004]

Leaf photography http://www.grand-illusions.com/roman.htm
Without the vegetable [Worldgineer, Oct 26 2006]

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       There appears to be a paragraph missing just before "The Result:..."
stupop, Nov 24 2004

       Oh, it's an eggplant (had to look that up).   

       An eggplant pinhole camera, using a leaf as your film? I assume you mean that light will make the leaf green where it strikes it over time. Don't know what the iodine's for, however.   

       If you perform this eggpendectomy under sterile conditions, add some sort of sealant around the leaf, and embed sterilized glass near the pinhole to keep bacteria out you may be able to save the eggplant.
Worldgineer, Nov 24 2004

       The iodine is to turn the starch in the more heavily photosynthesising areas black. I think the problem is not so much potential infection as cutting off water supply from the fruit.
nineteenthly, Nov 24 2004

       Tricky, but[+] for anything to do with pinhole photography.
normzone, Nov 24 2004

       What about a capsicum? They're already hollow inside, but maybe the seeds would get in the way. Or, breeding a hollow aubergine? Some aubergines already have spaces inside them.
I think the link is fantastic! However, my idea is to use entirely vegetable materials.
nineteenthly, Nov 25 2004

       Don't agree with Unabubba. Thomas Bachler of Germany made pinhole images by placing film in his mouth and .... A camera does not have to last more than the time needed to take one image. Giving you a plus as I like the idea of vege cameras - candid carrot.
xenzag, Nov 04 2005


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