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Audio Hyperlinks

Adding "link tones" to audio and hypertext like browsing
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A very simple adaptation of the browser. Suppose I am listening to some podcast or something, and there were embedded "links" in the audio, to other audio sources or even web pages or images. If I had a browser (or handheld) I could set it to "auto display" text or image links. "clicking" would either be by a button or similar action (so you could do it on an iPod or desktop). This would pause my location in the source audio, and take me to the linked audio. Another button might pause and give me the title/type of the linked item. Audio links would be denoted by a special "under tone" that would play during the link phase (and maybe a few seconds after).. like a little warble or something that wouldn't disturb the audio but allow me to notice it. Hitting "back" returns me to the beginning point of the link in the previosu document. Different tones might denote different content.

I could see this a great resource for manuals and text-books as audio where you might want to jump back and forth. Alternatively, a webbrowser for the blind (reading to the user). How do browsers for the blind denote links?

bigattichouse, Jul 12 2006




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