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Beat Box Recorder

Score beats easily
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Producing music on a PC can be difficult.

Software translating the bassy hums and trebly ticks from a human mouth into standard rhythmic notation on the screen would help me be more creative and spontaneous with my writing.

Each time the software recognizes a significantly different sound it would be scored as a different line.

Drum or instrument samples could then be applied to these triggers that were just recorded.

Is this baked via existing MIDI tech?

Giblet, Feb 14 2005


       Whether vocal or MIDI keyboards, etc., software doesn't robotically declare "ooh, that's different" and record subsets accordingly. One can, of course, gather said samples and create new track lines how, when and where they like.
thumbwax, Feb 14 2005

       I daresay it will if a 1 suddenly becomes a 0.
bristolz, Feb 14 2005

       So long as the rythm gets recorded, samples can be applied to the triggers. That is what I'm shooting for.
Giblet, May 01 2005

       [thumbwax], I'm afraid that software does exactly what it's programmed to do. In fact, speech recognition software does exactly what you've claimed it doesn't. It hears a different sound and then it robotically says "ooh, that's different" -- then it puts in the word that matches what it "thinks".   

       I'm pretty sure this one is baked, but maybe not exactly like this -- I'll look for a link. [+] in the meantime.
zigness, Nov 07 2005

       I think this is baked; I recall someone using voice to trigger MIDI samples with an Eventide Harmonizer. I also seem to remember a (lower-cost) commercial product at Gittar Cenner.....also, you can probably do this with Pure Data.....
ergomatic, Mar 14 2007


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