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Augmented Reality Christmas Lights

Deck the halls.
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Instead of actually spending hours up ladders trying to attach uncooperative equipment to the exterior of your dwelling, do it all from indoors, by signing up to the new BorgCo Virtual Reality Christmas Lights service.

Use the online tool and an image if your property to cut and paste the decorations you would like to have, if you had the time, money and technical skill; then activate the open wi-fi channel beacon. Passers-by wearing augmented reality goggles will then see your house as you would wish others to see it.

Tell all your friends ! * They can log into the site and view your splendid display via the internet.

*[xenzag], don't worry about what "friends" are - just accept that it's something that doesn't apply to you. Try to get over it. There's no stigma, really.

8th of 7, Dec 05 2018


       Long overdue and even more fun at Halloween.   

       What happens when AR crashes headlong into other perception-altering technologies of the inhalant type? "Why is the tree attacking my pantleg?!?"
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2018


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