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Chia garland

living garland (for fake trees)
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The Chia garland is made just like most of the chia products. There are small segments of lightweight clay shapes that are as light as an eggshell, strung on a festive rope. The shapes are soaked for a few days until they sprout. Attach the segments together with the small hook at the end of each rope. Now you can have living garlands made of chia stars, chia chains, or just plain chia roping to decorate anywhere that you might want to have some greenery.
Happy decorating.
xandram, Dec 18 2006


       can you eat them... chia-batta ? +
xenzag, Dec 18 2006

       hmm, a smaller version called the chia necklace?
...for portable nutrition.
xandram, Dec 18 2006

       Love it.
you may want to string them on a single or segmented hollow tube so they can stay drip-watered.

       //can you eat them//   

       Q: Are Chia sprouts edible?   

       A: Joseph Enterprises has never sought FDA approval for Chia Pets and Chia Heads, and therefore cannot promote them as a food product. Chia seeds are sold in health food stores, however, and many organic gardens harvest them for salads and sandwiches. Joseph Enterprises' Chia seeds are not treated with any chemicals or fertilizers.
nomocrow, Dec 19 2006

       Thanks for the info [nomo]. I was thinking other kinds of sprouts could be used, also...and of course [2 fries] has a great improvement idea. I was thinking one would have to mist it to keep it fresh.
xandram, Dec 19 2006

       No problem misting them so long as you avoid spraying the lights or dripping on the underlying presents. The tree would probably be grateful.
jurist, Dec 19 2006

       //The tree would probably be grateful.//   

       Right the same tree that was yanked from its ecosystem, cut off from its nutrient source and forced to dress like Elton John, would now be grateful.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 19 2006

       Jurist we are both idiots, the idea was for fake trees.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 19 2006

       I wonder if anyone has ever put marijuana seeds on a chia pet or a chia head..
Jscotty, Dec 19 2006

       would that be a pot head?
xandram, Dec 19 2006

       or a Cheech & Chong chia?
lurch, Dec 20 2006

       haha-certainly that would be *Chia Chong*!
xandram, Dec 20 2006


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