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Big Brother-Christmas
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Every Christmas tree has either an angel, or a star mounted on the peak.

The idea here is to create a angel/star with an embedded camera that faces the room, capturing the entire contents (adjusted witht he zoom feature). The 3 megapixel camera also features a long life lithium battery, 512 MB memory card, flash, timer, light sensor and an automatic hybernation feature.

You set the camera to turn on every hour and take a snap of the room, then it goes back into hybernation.

By the end of the Christmas season (assuming the tree has been up for 2 weeks) the angel/star would have taken 336 pics, which can then be fashioned into a hasstle-free christmas album/timeline/flipbook.

shinobi, Dec 23 2006


       we can finally catch santa in the act [+]
Dmedia, Dec 23 2006

       + Merry Christmas.
xandram, Dec 25 2006


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