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B&H Advent Calendar

Open a window, have a smoke.
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(+8, -4)
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Some possible calendar names;

Three Wise Men ride a pack of Camels,
Soverign, Frankensence and Mhyrr,
The King of Jews loves Royals,
B.ethlee & H.em,
The Lord will Lucky Strike you down!
Mary, the Golden Virginia.

theleopard, Nov 25 2006

UK Tobacco industry http://www.ash.org....ts/html/fact18.html
[Ling, Nov 26 2006]

B&H Photo/Video in New York http://impressive.n...9/16-12-18-med.html
A picture of the store DrCurry and hippo are joking about. It's one of my favorite stores, ever; not just for the relatively low prices, wide selection, and reliable service, but for the amazing transportation system that spans the ceiling, and for the employees dressed about 1/3rd in full Hasidic garb. On Jewish holidays, even their *website* closes. [jutta, Nov 26 2006]

B & H Albion http://www.seagulls...me/0,,10433,00.html
[DrBob, Nov 27 2006]

SuperKings http://www.cigarscl...om/images/sking.jpg
For the non-smoking and/or non-UKers. [theleopard, Nov 28 2006]

For [TahuNuva] Cigarettes_20for_20kids
<lights fuse, ducks and runs for cover> [theleopard, Nov 07 2007]


       Ah. I was hoping this had to do with cameras. -
DrCurry, Nov 25 2006

       Players (on words) Please +
xenzag, Nov 25 2006

       Fairy Lites.
Ling, Nov 26 2006

       in fairness to idea, is it not a bit more interesting than just a list of puns, although it does contain this, and some of them are not bad? The idea of opening each advent window, then smoking the indicated cigarette is original - come on - defend your idea like a man/mouse/woman [theleopard]
xenzag, Nov 26 2006

       is the smoke puffed out at you or do you poke the cigarette out of the window to smoke it? can't picture this one at all.
po, Nov 26 2006

       [jutta] This is more than the puns, although since the tiny fragment of idea is to combine two widely available products this may not help it much. Still, + for making me laugh.
stilgar, Nov 26 2006

       My apologies for not explaining the idea fully, it's simply an advent calendar which contains cigarettes rather than chocolates. I know a great many smokers that would appreciate a festive smoke in the morning rather than a low-quality sub standard choccy bite.   

       The puns came naturally afterwards as I pondered the various Tobacco companies and the names they might don to their respective calendars.
theleopard, Nov 26 2006

       //Ah. I was hoping this had to do with cameras.//

Same here - and I was all ready with some retort to the effect that B&H would be fairly unlikely people to celebrate Christmas very enthusiastically.
hippo, Nov 26 2006

       So not about my local football team then? Oh.
DrBob, Nov 27 2006

       [hippo], why not? Can't camera manufacturers celebrate the birth of baby J as much as the next company?
theleopard, Nov 27 2006

       Hanukkah'ta clue?
zen_tom, Nov 27 2006

       Oh right. Course.   

       I am... a spaz.
theleopard, Nov 27 2006

       Herald in the new-born SuperKings.   

theleopard, Nov 28 2006

       Glad to hear it, [theleopard]. I have recently been born again as a Spaz and and I'm looking for other Spaz's to worship with.
wagster, Nov 28 2006

       Do we believe in some kind of afterlife?
theleopard, Nov 28 2006

       When five or six of you die, the leftover bits get stuck together to form a new person?
imaginality, Nov 28 2006

       Like a thetan?
twitch, Nov 29 2006

       Or old soap bars.
theleopard, Nov 29 2006

       Just in case I'm not the only one. I had no idea what both B&H and Advent Calender were. (+ after I figured it out.)
Zimmy, Nov 29 2006

       I hate it when I can't come up with puns because english is not my mother tongue : (   

       Still, bun. Too funny.
Pericles, Dec 01 2006

       Yeah....I'm an anti-smoker..... But it is kinda funny. I think of a person, smoking the month's fancy cigar/cigarette, looking at their nifty calendar, and grimly counting down the days of their existence. They don't care, they've got a cigar! Yaay! Did I say grimly? I meant cheerfully! And chokingly.... Well, I'll change to neutral, then I'll become Emperor of the World and outlaw smoking. Merry Christmas!
TahuNuva, Nov 06 2007


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