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Authentic Robot Compliments

Authentic Robot Compliments lift human mood
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Robot and/or AI based flattery. Imagine people getting authentic compliments a la Dale Carnegie from robots that lift their mood n guide them to a more considered state of being

Or not The idea has a peculiar flavor

The robot says I put those pictures of you up on hot or not n you are waaaaay above average


College students actually like your blog on Emerson better than Ginsberg but less than Keats or "anyone lived in a pretty cow town" which is awesome keep writing


People briefly exposed to your photo on a tft screen at a bus kiosk dilate their pupils n smile slightly You are visually sociably acceptable


We blended your memos with those of others n found yours are about a third more comprehensible plus your use of action words is correlated with efficacy. If work is going well you are certainly contributing. If work is going amiss perhaps its actually the project rather than your output

Are we feeling reassured n pleased yet? I actually think this would be a very beneficial area of happiness studies as people spend many hours of recreational as well as work time computing

There might be a metric basis for authentic robotic compliments even though there's an absence of actual human perspective "you are thoughtful to backup your data only a person per 20 or 30 does that" although rarity differs from value

basically as a technology a bunch of little programs go fishing for compliments amongst the larger WWW to benefit their human then reprocess them n say encouraging words which during the software development process are measured as being effective

beanangel, Mar 02 2009

funny http://www.comicssh..._full_date=20081130
[beanangel, Mar 04 2009]


       [+], there's nothing stopping people from doing this themselves, but it's not the same. It remains to be seen whether this would work or not. It may or may not be possible to to maintain suspension of disbelief in complimentary robots. (pun intended)
Spacecoyote, Mar 02 2009

       [+] This could be one of the parameters of a Turing test: if you believe that the computer compliment is "authentic", than it passes.   

       Of course ... it might also be necessary to have the computer criticize you when appropriate to make the compliments more believable. (An "Don Rickles" insult robot?)   

       "Praise, like gold and diamonds, owes it's value chiefly due to it's scarcity" ~ Proverb (Russian/Ukrainian)
Wily Peyote, Mar 02 2009

       I agree with [Wily]'s proverb. If a person was to give throw away compliments they would soon loose meaning.   

       Having a computer give compliments on the completion of tasks could be benificial. It could detect a series of events and have responses tagged to them, such as Save, Print, Close on a file called CV.doc could deliver a pop-up of "Well done on updating your CV, Im sure you will get whatever job you put your mind to."   

       Also, ITS "AND" NOT "N"!
miasere, Mar 02 2009

       // ITS "AND" NOT "N"!//   

       AND IT'S "IT'S" NOT "ITS"!
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2009

       Keep it down, okay? Some of us are trying to sleep here.
jutta, Mar 03 2009

       [jutta], sorry.   

       [Max], possessive.
miasere, Mar 03 2009

       Share & Enjoy!
DrBob, Mar 03 2009

       If you really did good on your CV, it would be able to tell what job you are looking for.
Spacecoyote, Mar 03 2009

       What does the robot look like ? I think that I would find it difficult to say no to any device suggesting that i was "visually sociably acceptable"
vfrackis, Mar 03 2009


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