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Humanoid Robot linked to Animation Suit
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A Robot similar to ASIMO, or even using that platform that has it's motion controlled by a radio link up to an off site person in an Animation Suit.

This allows somewhat precise control over a robot that can be placed in situations considered too dangerous to place an actual person.

The actual applications need not stop there, You could maybe even pay some bored kid in Iowa to link up to your DangerBot and mow your yard and wash your windows for you.

Zimmy, Feb 14 2008

ASIMO http://www.youtube....watch?v=VTlV0Y5yAww
Pretty expensive robot. [Zimmy, Feb 14 2008]

Animation Suit http://blog.manches...ion-suit-in-action/
transfers human body movements into a digital realm? [Zimmy, Feb 14 2008]

Wikipedia: Remote manipulator, a.k.a. Waldo http://en.wikipedia.../Remote_manipulator
[jutta, Feb 15 2008]

Astronauts and Canadian Surgeons to Demonstrate Remote Medical Care http://www.space.gc...eases/2006/0329.asp
[pyggy potamus, Feb 16 2008]

Anybots http://anybots.com/
Trevor Blackwell's small shop has been working on remote humanoid robots for quite some time. [jutta, Feb 24 2008]

Paul Graham about Anybots' Walking http://www.paulgraham.com/anybots.html
The most amazing thing, to me, is that the big-business humanoid robots like "Asmio" even see publication without being able to balance. [jutta, Feb 24 2008]


       This has been done in sf from before I was born. It is actually baked in operations. Dude in japan operates dude in american by remote control of robot.   

       It doesn't strike you that the name ASIMO bears a resemblance to ASIMOV?   

       Baked, widely known to exist, very widely known to have been thought of before.   

       The ultimate philosophical question of these ideas is that when all your sensory input is relayed by a suit to and from a "robot", then where are YOU exactly.   

       Is this idea meant to be sarcastic ot tongue in cheek or whatever?
zeno, Feb 15 2008

       [Zimmy], you let us down. I can't begin to tell you how disappointed we are.
normzone, Feb 15 2008

       <holds head in hands and sobs>
zeno, Feb 15 2008

       I like the name.
skinflaps, Feb 15 2008

       I'm not so sure I've seen the idea of duplicating the robot's motion using a simple animation suit used for motion-capture rather than the kind of exoskeleton shown in the link. I have seen live animation of cartoon-style characters for TV work using motion-capture suits, so this looks like an extension of that technique.
On the other hand, I don't get out much.
coprocephalous, Feb 15 2008

       // I don't get out much //   

       Don't let that bother you. It's dangerous out there.   

       Telechiric systems may not be commonplace, but the concept is well known.
8th of 7, Feb 15 2008

       OK, I see the criticisms & accept their validity.   

       What amazed me, was my own inability to express the pontential of the idea & why it was different than any link ANYONE could provide. (yes, I acedemically knew about ALL of those TASK SPECIFIC remote manipulators).   

       What I was proposing was a MULTI-Tasking remote manipulator based on the human form, thus possibly infinate in it's possibilities.   

       I was, I thought, quite muted in the concepts total possibilites, due to its military applications, which, quite frankly, scared the digested food out of me.   

       Can I ask if the roses that were laid upon my coffin were edible? last I heard, they were quite.
Zimmy, Feb 24 2008

       That's what Trevor Blackwell is doing at his small shop, "Anybots". In spite of the wheel-using robot on the cover, they've just recently figured out walking. Let me dig up a video of that.
jutta, Feb 24 2008


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