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Because you can't watch your kids ALL the time....
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Personal drone technology gets carried to a new level with the development of the CHAPERDRONE. This small, unobtrusive, self-powered device follows your daughter around during her dates, and gives you regular reports, with pictures and video, of her location and activities. To save fuel, it can attach itself magnetically to vehicles. If it detects fogged windows in a parked car, or an increase in emitted body heat or heartbeats, it sends you an immediate text alert. The market for this device should be considerable.
smendler, Jun 02 2013


       Humanity becomes extinct due to low birth rate. Successor species puzzled by huge number of fossilized drones.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013

       Successor species, after years of research, discovers that it evolved from primitive drones that somehow learned to reproduce.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2013

       I strongly disagree that humanity is in any danger of extinction from being watched while participating in events that might led to reproduction. It only takes a few thousand to constitute an adequate gene pool for long-term species-survival. I suspect there are rather more than "a few thousand" exhibitionists currently connected to the Internet (and perhaps half the world's population is still unconnected, which likely means the total number of exhibitionists might be doubled).   

       So, in the long run, what is MORE likely to happen is that politicians will find themselves under surveillance 24/7, and nobody will be able to get elected who hasn't starred in a porn video...(because the ones who don't want to be watched all the time won't seek an office!).
Vernon, Jun 03 2013

       //nobody will be able to get elected who hasn't starred in a porn video// That has been true since cameras were invented.
DIYMatt, Jun 03 2013

       If the cameras are watching politicians having sex, at least the world will be safe from both the cameras and the televisions.
4and20, Jun 04 2013


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