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cat puffer

anti-claw proximity detector
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A small proximity detector with a compressed gas cartridge that blows a puff of air when something comes near it.

It can be placed under the edge of a favorite chair or sofa so that the cat gets puffed when he tries to scratch the chair.

It can also be equipped with an RFID detector so that it only puffs certain cats (those without a chip in their collar. This could be incorporated into a cat bowl that puffs anycat that tries to steal the owner's food.

nomocrow, May 23 2008

Garden Ghost http://gardenghost.com/config_en.html
It keeps the Kito banana plants nicely unchewed. [Amos Kito, May 23 2008]

Automated Pussy Wettener Automated_20Pussy_20Wettener#1150410423
[xaviergisz, May 25 2008]


       Me like 'm. Could the puffer also shoot water or maybe, say, a tranquilizer dart? Also, if you gave your, oh, say, mother in law, a cookie with an rfid chip in it, could this thing sense the internalized cookie?
plynthe, May 23 2008

       I guess it could shoot anything, but I was thinking foam darts for the most recidivistic scratchers. Doing anything crueler to a cat would strongly imply small penisness.
nomocrow, May 23 2008

       Cool. A much needed idea. Maybe combine it with a sharp "NO!" recording?
Noexit, May 23 2008

       You really think "NO" would work on my mother in law?
plynthe, May 23 2008

       // maybe, say, a tranquilizer dart //   

       Or a 7.62 x 57mm jacketed round ?   

       #include <EOSSACR.H>
8th of 7, May 23 2008

       8th, what is it about cats that you hate? they are fecking awesome creatures
po, May 23 2008

       The puff part is baked: "Garden Ghost" [Link]. But the cat selector is interesting. Instead of a motion sensor, the cat puffer could be activated by RFID.   

       //a sharp "NO!" recording// [Noexit], This definitely needs more than a puff. But I'd like a passive device (some particular toy or object) that remains in proximity to the cat puffer. Whatever the object is, it may have to be (lightly) scented. Once the cat associates it with "fright", you can place that item in other places you wish the cat to avoid, and eventually won't even need the puff device anymore.
Amos Kito, May 23 2008

       //Or a 7.62 x 57mm jacketed round ?//   

       My previous anno, second sentence.
nomocrow, May 25 2008

       //Doing anything crueler to a cat would strongly imply small penisness.//   

       My cat is a cross between a pig and a dog. He comes when called and is cool around my kids, even after licking his arsenal, which dogs are not. They like to share everything.
plynthe, May 25 2008


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