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Authoritarian Window

A picture of your despot behind your window blinds.
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Simply place these portraits of despotic rulers behind your window blinds at approximately eye level and automatically salute them when you peek out.
rcarty, Nov 12 2014


       ...misread the title as "Authoritarian Widow"
hippo, Nov 12 2014

       ...authoritarian Windows [Abort/Retry/Resistance is Futile]
zen_tom, Nov 12 2014

       And on your venetian blinds, the same portrait, looking into the room, such that in closing or opening the blinds, the view is unchanged.
calum, Nov 12 2014

       A funeral parlor with dead Stalins, Reagans, Churchills, Abrahams, and Mohameds staring back would help keep the drapes closed.
popbottle, Nov 13 2014


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