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Credit Card Monkey

Save! Save! Save!
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Medium-sized alloyed statuette of chalk-black monkey. Swipe credit card through slot at monkey's base whenever so desired; and monkey will rotate and render fine orchestral music (whilst debiting your card) to inform you of your saving.

Few outlets support monkey-relieving - so it is hard to give up your golden savings, as it should be.

Soon monkey will allow enough to buy stereo.

Maybe only in bookstores. I don't know.

eehen, Jul 09 2000


       This is cool. I mean... credit card scanner things now just lack that certain, je ne sais pas.... A black african voodoo monkey would be much cooler. You should do this. Or I should. Actually, I should do this. You should get a job at McDonalds while I get rich. I don't know about the spinning and music though. I'm thinking.... His eyes light up, and he laughs a really deep, crazy laugh. "Bwa ha ha ha ha"
HotBlackDesoto, Jul 14 2000

       It seems very odd that this should be so popular while some of eehen's other suggestions were quickly fishboned (though not by me; I am sincerely a great admirer of his two-week Halfbakery career). Do people just like monkeys? This must be the solution.
Monkfish, Nov 23 2000

       Beats me, I didn't vote either way on this one (although I too enjoyed Eehen's meanderings here and on his website). Would any of the credit card monkey's supporters care to share their pleasure with us?
Lemon, Nov 23 2000

       I can't speak for the other voters, but unlike most of eehens other stuff, this one touched a nerve with me. It reminded me of the displays in the shop window of a toy store in Bochum that would start to move when I pressed my then very small hand against a specially marked area in the window; the mechanical theatre down in the basement of Covent Garden, London; half-mechanical arcades in an empty sea resort. I like those images and memories.   

       I also think that all we get out of life is the spectacle of it; a rotating, tune-playing monkey to the swipe of my credit card is a sharp and fitting summary.
jutta, Nov 23 2000

       I like the balance of one immediate indulgence against another.   

       I don't particularly care for a *monkey*, myself, but I'm sure the particular statues would get replaced and Fimo'd and bestickered and generally modified to meet local tastes and obsessions.
hello_c, Nov 27 2000

       [unabubba] Funny!...not really.
what about personalized ones? like a scissors at a barbershop (these could also be used to automatically cut up bad credit cards, like in the movies)
igirl, Mar 31 2003

       I am giving this long-lost idea a bun for the simple reason that the syntax of the sentences is absolutely classic.
shapu, Mar 14 2009

       A monkey's paw might be more fitting.
Spacecoyote, Mar 14 2009


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