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Coin Operated Hens

Excuse me can you spare some change for my hen?
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I propose fundraising bodies design fully functional hens with a coin slot in their backs. The stomach/change lining is tamper proof, barcoded and releases a die if attempting unauthorised opening. After a coin is inserted into the hen it pecks, sqwauks and does hen things for a designated time and then stops - requiring another coin.

Displaying the specific charity on their sides they would be released in urban areas for money retrieval.

benfrost, Jun 20 2001

Dancing Chicken Quote http://www.scs.unt....1-March/001227.html
Bock bock bock [lubbit, Jun 20 2001]

Mine Credit Card Monkey, Mine, is similarish http://www.halfbake...dit_20Card_20Monkey
Shall we go into business with one another together? [eehen, Aug 02 2002]

Here's one with a built-in coin slot http://www.miketheh...cken.org/story.html
[normzone, Nov 05 2008]


       If they're free-range, you don't need to pay. They might be battery-operated, though.
angel, Jun 20 2001

       Photovoltaic feathers, no batteries need apply. "Mommy, make the funny chicken do the Chicken Dance!"
Dog Ed, Jun 20 2001

       Quotation from [link].   

       // In one of our worlds of animal behavior, a chicken is on public exhibition, and a member of the public is moved to put a coin in a slot and the chicken gives a performance. There are many kinds of behaviors possible, depending on the particular device. A person might activate a dancing chicken, a basketball playing chicken, or a chicken that answers questions (we cue the chicken with cleverly concealed lights telling the chicken how to answer). //   

       You mean a bit like this ?
lubbit, Jun 20 2001

       [angel] then they'd be battery Hens, like Unabubba's...
goff, Jun 20 2001

       Yes, [goff]. (sigh).
angel, Jun 21 2001

       round my way i see people taking circular saws to parking meters. A money filled hen would be easy peckings. In fact it'd be chicken-pinching-good.
notripe, Aug 02 2002

       This is brilliant, particularly the //releases a die// tamperer confuddlement mechanism.
calum, Nov 05 2008

       Why did the hen cross the road?
neelandan, Nov 05 2008

       i imagine that by "die" you mean a lethal poison of some sort. A little bit of overkill. If "hen things" involves eating bugs and aerating the soil, producing fertilizer, and laying eggs then + otherwise i suspect quite a few creative ways for destroying them for fun an profit would arise.
WcW, Nov 06 2008


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