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Fast-Food Rubbish Launcher

Drop food waste in table-top unit and it boings through the air to central rubbish bin.
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Customers drop their garbage in a hopper, the FR Launcher sucks it in, compacts it (for better aerodynamics), weighs it, calculates the force and angle for a trajectory to the garbage can, and launches the trash. Can also make an assortment of noises to accompany launch--pop, ping, phazer, 'yippee', etc. So amusing that everyone leaves the tables clean and neat.
Dog Ed, Jun 28 2001


       Great for when I don't finish my drink.
wiml, Jun 28 2001

       Isn't this what employees are for?
angel, Jun 29 2001

       Make this one coin operated. Who wouldn't pay a quarter to see this? It would be especially fun if it hits someone in the head.
juan2003, Jun 29 2001

       Cherry bombs might also produce interesting results. Try to get a midair explosion.
juan2003, Jun 29 2001

       Make it a really impressive shredder instead, kind of a wood chipper that throws the results at a plastic clown. People would carry their stuff for the satisfaction of watching it get mangled. They'd also accidentally shred wallets, purses, hands, babies, etc.
horripilation, Nov 11 2002


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