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Auto-Heimlich Maneuver kit

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Whilst looking at the gazillion fish-bones in the bit of fish I was about to eat, I thought "Wouldn't be nice to have an Auto-Heimlich Maneuver kit. Strapped onto to the back, it deploys and gives hearty slaps to the back and under the diaphragm compression.

As a safeguard against accidental triggering, the pack automatically extrudes one 2ft bar to the left, and another one on the right. Each bar ends in a lock, which has the key attached on a chain. Simultaneous turning to the keys is needed to activate the mechanism

The simultaneous turning option (with longer bars, like 9ft or so) which would need two people can also be applied to fag machines, the tv remote, proposals of marriage and political elections, not that I'm saying anything, mind you...

not_morrison_rm, Nov 14 2016


       Could this be done with an electric discharge, causing the victim's own muscles to do the job ?
8th of 7, Nov 14 2016


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