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CSI training for EMT'S

It's all in the details.
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You arrive on the scene.

One guy's frothing from the mouth, another is convulsing in the corner of the yard and somebody is face-down in the pool.

Your EMT training tells you just which person to triage and then assist first, and then second, and then third etc... but did you obscure any crime scene evidence while performing your trained tasks?
Could you, as first responder, have been trained before hand to spot details unrelated to your given task and learn how to subconsciously observe a crime scene as a detective would before tampering with evidence and in doing so be a much more credible witness to events other than the current traumas?

I think so.


       One is frothing with anger, another (probably [8th]) is convulsed with laughter and the third is asleep, having drunk the pool dry of punch - Sturton? The actual casualty is a hamster.   

       It was a much loved hamster.
pertinax, Jun 07 2018

       // another (probably [8th]) is convulsed with laughter //   

       That depends...   

       // and the third is asleep, having drunk the pool dry of punch - Sturton? //   

       If it's an olympic-sized pool, and high-strength punch, maybe a trifle woozy, but not actually insensible.   

       His capacity for alcoholic beverages is astonishing; the only so-called "human" to take on the "drowned in a butt of malmsey" challenge, and climb out of the empty container declaiming "C'mon then, is that the best you got ... ?"   

       //The actual casualty is a hamster. //   

       If you want the "convulsed with laughter" thing, you're going to need a kitten.
8th of 7, Jun 07 2018

       : ]   

       I demand to question the butler!   

       Sure, no problem. He's the one over there, sitting in a puddle with his hat on backwards, trying but failing to sing a song about a little goblin.
8th of 7, Jun 08 2018

       Well, shit.   

       Do I need to talk to HR?   


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