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Balloon Ambulance

'Oh look, there's a nice big ambulance balloon, Johnny...'
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The hot air balloon is staffed with paramedics and a driver (sorry, I have no clue whatsoever as to what a hot air balloon steerer is called). The hot air balloon ambulace has the balloon bit painted white and with a big red cross on it. Even if a balloon doesn't really help patients, the least it could do is serve as a signal for everyone else where the horrific car wreck is.

I seriously doubt that this would actually save lives from picking people up and taking them to hospital, but as cadaver carrier, or as a signal to lost ambulance drivers I suspect this would be great.

froglet, Feb 23 2006


       Pilot. Pilomedic. Piloparamedicalot. Medicogonflaballoonists.
wagster, Feb 23 2006

       You can't really steer a conventional hot-air baloon, You can only use the burner to ascend or decend. I don't know what the fella (or lady) who does this is called, probably a "Ballooner"
Minimal, Feb 23 2006

       //You can't really steer a conventional hot-air baloon// So it would be great as hot-air balloon rally ambulance - it would automatically follow the pack.
Presumably followed by a bunch of lawyers in hot-air-balloon-ambulance chasing hot-air balloons.
coprocephalous, Feb 23 2006

       Alternatively you could get a faster, more effective and ultimately more useful helicopter.
hidden truths, Feb 23 2006

       //the least it could do is serve as a signal for everyone else where the horrific car wreck is// Well if that's what you're after, how about a small helium balloon on a long string with "Accident - please help" written on it that is triggered and released with the airbags. That way your accident will be identifiable as soon as you have it, and the emergency services can remove the balloon after they get there by the usual method.   

       [Minimal] - I believe they are correctly titled "balloonists".
wagster, Feb 23 2006

       Nah, that refers to the API interface for the balloon.   

DrCurry, Feb 23 2006


       n : someone who flies a balloon   

skinflaps, Feb 23 2006


       (Except, of course, that people don't really steer hot air balloons, they fly them; only the most rudimentary of steering is possible, and then only if the winds at different altitudes cooperate.)
DrCurry, Feb 23 2006

hippo, Feb 23 2006

       Steve Fossett.
skinflaps, Feb 23 2006

zigness, Feb 25 2006

       Try saying Balloonbulance five times fast.   

       Trying to land a hot air ballon within a mile of where you want it, then land it within a mile of a real hospital, would be like trying to steer a conventional ambulance fitted with a pair of enormous toboggan ice skates instead of wheels on an icy road. Maybe a zeppelin, and maybe a large truck, but not a balloon.
jellydoughnut, Feb 25 2006

jellydoughnut, Feb 25 2006

       I think what you want here isn't a hot air balloon, but a Zeppelin or Dirigible. I think the idea is pretty cool, but somewhat inefficient. They aren't fast, and with all the upwinds and drafts from city streets, they wouldn't work so hot in cities. Especially hot cities.   

       Maybe what you'd want is to equip ambulance drivers with weather balloons painted with a big 'ole red cross.
PatTheGreat, Feb 26 2006

baconbrain, Feb 26 2006

       I'm for this idea, as we need more hot air ballons in major cities. Well, we don't, but I would like it.
notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

       "Damnit. That last shot clipped that red-headed kid."   

       "Whoops. Sorry."   

       "Just lead a bit less. You'll get him with the next shot."
notmarkflynn, Mar 01 2006


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