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Auto-Resize Window Based on URL

Snap to fit
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I find that while many web pages look decent in any reasonable size browser window, some are clearly optimized for a particular screen size. Others look fine in any size window, but just have wasted or empty space off to the right or below the content.

When browsing to sites with the above characteristics, I often find myself resizing my browser window to suit the site. For example, sometimes when I’m waiting for a time consuming operation to complete on my computer, I’ll do a crossword puzzle online. These usually only require part of the screen, and I usually resize the window to just larger than the puzzle, so I can watch my other programs on the screen at the same time.

How about a way in the browser to “bookmark” URLs of this nature, so the browser can resize the window for me? Then I just need to navigate to the page, and the browser window will “snap” to match the size I set last time.

krelnik, Sep 20 2003

MSKB: Resizing a window from a script http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q287171/
But this would have to be coded into the page itself. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Dec 18 2004]


       Can a window be dynamically resized with script?  I know a new browser window can be spawned that is open to a specific dimension.
bristolz, Sep 20 2003

       Yes, you can resize the window from scripts. Scripts are usually an attribute of the page, I'm not sure if theres a way to get one to run "all the time" to perform this function.
krelnik, Sep 20 2003

       why not propose a new html meta tag of suggested screen res ? <meta name="suggestedx" content="800" /> <meta name="suggestedy" content="600" /> then your browser can choose to accept the suggestions automatically when you browse to that page. Personally I think this would just be a compromise - normally anything that needs to be one particular size is just bad design.
neilp, Dec 18 2004

       This is a slapdash solution, but if you have your bookmarks on a page of HTML, you could edit the page yourself to specify the size of the new window. I don't know if any browsers still save their bookmarks this way, but you could export them.   

       [neilp] -- it's a little late to be demanding quality of the internet in general.
tiromancer, Dec 18 2004

       That's a good idea. I've transitioned from using bookmarks to reading everything through an RSS service, so it won't work for me, unfortunately.
krelnik, Dec 18 2004


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