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Auto-Whopper ®

SpeedPass for the restaurants
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Designed with fast food in mind. Already in use for checks/credit cards for gas stations, a use could be found at your favorite fast food place. Its basically a small cylinder programmed to your specifications, which a receiver would read, and then process your order. Could be designed with three settings (none:- normal:o extra:+) on each topping, like:

Beef Patty (o)
Ketchup (o)
Onions (o)
Tomatoes (-)
Lettuce (o)
Mayonnaise (-)
Cheese (+)
Bacon (+)
(That's how I like mine)

Just point the programmed device to the receiver, and your order's up. No way that the receptionist could mess up your order... still working on the cooks. :)
ghillie, Jan 05 2005

SpeedPass http://www.speedpass.com/how/index.jsp
explained here [ghillie, Jan 05 2005]


       Bun (+)
cromagnon, Jan 05 2005

       Maybe it could also emit a string of tones that the drive through window intercom recognizes and the places the order. Just hold it out your car window.
bristolz, Jan 05 2005

       NYC delis will take emails and faxes (of course, they also deliver, so you don't even have to get in your car). If you want to send an order from your car, how about texting from your cell phone?
DrCurry, Jan 05 2005

       Text messages cost money (at least, for me it does). I figure this would be a good, free promo item for the store.
ghillie, Jan 05 2005

       How about just using a sequence of long and short honks on the horn that a computer would interpret.
mecotterill, Apr 29 2008


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