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Bluetooth ordering

tell 'em what you'd like before they so much as ask.
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A great deal of time is spent queueing in food outlets even before you place an order, never mind during the preparation of said item. The wonders of bluetooth allow you to place your order as soon as you enter the shop, then they shout out your name when the order's ready. There's still a human conversation option for those of us who still value such things.
neilp, Jan 10 2004


       ... a bluefastfood outlet.
jonthegeologist, Jan 10 2004

       You have StopnShop out there, [bliss]? Faskinating.
k_sra, Jan 10 2004

       //then they shout out your name when the order's //   

       Nice human touch, but I would rather have a bluetoothed avatar whisper in my ear that the order is ready.
kbecker, Jan 10 2004

       They have this at a McDonald's, but you use a telephone.
Nemmy, Jan 13 2005


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