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provides easy removal of rolling road hazards
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The AutoSpatula is a laser guided, hydraulic actuated, fully articulated, titanium plate that can be installed on automobiles to provide easy removal of rolling road hazards. When a vehicle hinders your forward motion by traveling under the posted speed limit, this device can negate the hindrance in moments.
Ptoddadactyle, Jul 22 2001

AutoSpatula http://www.jnet-pto...jpi_autospatula.htm
AutoSpatula [Ptoddadactyle, Jul 22 2001]

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       Ptoddadactyle, if you want to indicate your intent to protect the AutoSpatula name (as inferred from the link), you should use the superscript TM, rather than the copyright sign.
beauxeault, Jul 23 2001

       Sounds like SUV envy here. Either that or someone who already drives an SUV is a bit punch drunk on sitting two feet higher than normal passenger cars. Too many gadgets already on cars ever since they introduced things like automatic transmissions and power windows.   

       No, I think a Ford Excursion is more than enough metal to show people how your really feel about them on the road.
munkeylunk, Aug 14 2001


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