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Car charge box

A box for charging all your in-car tech
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The problem with all this add on in-car technology is that it needs to be charged up but my car will only charge things while the ignition is on. In particular, my bluetooth headset cannot be used while it is charging making it a constant pain.

This box would have a rechargeable battery that would recharge while I am driving. When I stop I can then put my bluetooth headset and sat nav in the box, connect them up, put it in the boot (trunk) and they would then recharge while I am away from the car. Get back and they are now ready to be used while I am driving without wires all over the place.

The_Saint, Dec 26 2009


       This is fully Baked. Aldi sell a small box containing a gel-electrolyte 12V battery, a charging regulator, and a selection of different connectors, and when switched from "charge" to "power" provides simultaneous stabilized outputs at 3/4.5/6/9/12V and useful currents.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2009

       Excellent, any chance of a link.
The_Saint, Dec 26 2009

       You already have a rechargable batter in your car, so, isn't it simpler to just bypass the switch that prevents you from using the car's accumulator battery by soldering an additional wire or two and adding your own switch.
Inyuki, Dec 27 2009


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