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Car Comfort Preset Buttons

Automated automobile
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I'm 6'5", my wife is 5'6". I listen to a particular radio station in the car, she listens to the CD player. I smoke so I leave the drivers window open a wee bit, my wife doesn't smoke and prefers the windows shut, etc, etc, etc. And quite frankly, it's a pain in the ass changing all these settings in the car whenever I have to drive after she's used it (and vice-versa).

OK, so you can already buy cars that are equipped with seat-position preset buttons, so you can have different driving positions for yourself and your partner, but take that idea forward and add on presets for climate control/temp, radio/CD, mirrors, steering wheel position, anything you want. The majority of the features in modern cars are now operated electronically, so I can't see it taking a lot of effort to automate them.

Possibly controlled by a car's onboard computer?

BigDog, Mar 15 2006

Toyota's Mood Car http://edition.cnn....4/spark.clever.car/
Not quite changing colour though... [kmlabs, Mar 16 2006]


       Seems like a good idea. Can't think of any reason not to bun it!
kmlabs, Mar 15 2006

       I think that most high end luxury cars have this feature where the settings are embedded into a smart chip in each key. So when the husband drives the car, the car inherently "knows" who is driving and it will retrieve the last known settings.   

       Personally I dont think that I would ever use such a feature simply because if I had the heat on last night, it might not be as cold today. Or if I was listening to one radio station last night, I am likely to want to hear something else this morning.
Jscotty, Mar 15 2006

       What happens if you get the wrong key? "Arrgh, it's crushing my legs!"
Texbinder, Mar 15 2006

       To really annoy another driver, turn the stereo volume RIGHT UP, just before switching off.
Ling, Mar 15 2006

       Will it turn the car PINK when it's my turn to drive?
xandram, Mar 15 2006

       [xandram] has inspired my next idea - 'Mood Cars' that change colour dependant on how raged up you are.....
BigDog, Mar 16 2006

       [BigDog] I think Toyota have already baked that - I'll try and find a link...   

       EDIT: Now linked.
kmlabs, Mar 16 2006


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