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Buttons installed in gearshifter as industry standard.

Make like Bond, without that whole being-shot-at thing
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"That wazh nishe," Greg said. "I'd like to do it again shometime."

"So would I," Allison said. She looked coyly at him. "Would you like to come in for a drink?"

"Shertainly," Greg replied. "Jusht let me get my coat." Greg flipped open the top of his gearshifter to reveal two small red buttons. Thanks to his connections, he'd managed to get this Audi with them installed four weeks before the rest of the world saw them on lots. Until Allison and the other girls knew they'd be installed in every Audi, Beamer, and Benz, he was in like Flint.

So Greg, after popping open the shifter top, pressed the button on the right, activating a solenoid in the trunk lid, allowing him access to his coat. He could have tossed it in the backseat, but then, why would he? He'd never be able to use this button if he did. The other button, the one for the gas cap, he'd probably need a little more frequently.

Allison "Oooo"ed over the shifter knob's functionality. Lord, this guy WAS a catch!

"Hurry up," she implored. "The Bond-a-thon starts in two minutes!"

As he flipped the shifter closed and got out of the car, Greg wondered what would happen when she realized he was just doing a bad Connery impersonation...

shapu, Oct 18 2004


       What does the other button do?
hippo, Oct 18 2004

       gas cap. Fixed.
shapu, Oct 18 2004

       Truly a shite for shore eyes. +
lostdog, Oct 18 2004

       I thought Greg was drunk. In any case, buttons on the shifter are certainly not a new idea. Volvo has had them for their overdrive control and nearly every pro-stocker has a line-lock control on the shifter. I'm betting that someone or two in the Pacific muscle car crowd has a nitrous system trigger on a shifter as well.
bristolz, Oct 18 2004

       //I thought Greg was drunk// That was part of the idea. I like to create a sense of suspense. That, or nausea. Depends on my mood.   

       Anyway, I recognize that there are already buttons on shifters for things like overdrive, winter/sport shift configurations, et cetera. But those aren't cool, like opening the deck lid is.
shapu, Oct 18 2004

       Flashing buttons in hidden, odd places. I like.
RayfordSteele, Oct 18 2004

       You don't think he was referring to the gadgetry James Coburn got to play with in the "In Like Flint" parody movie?
jurist, Oct 19 2004

       My old Triumphs (a 2000 and a 2500) had the overdrive switch on the gear knob, and the Mercedes SLR McLaren has the starter button there (under a rather cool 'missile-control'-type cover).
angel, Oct 19 2004

       //Greg wondered what would happen when she realized he was just doing a bad Connery impersonation...//   

       Egbert wondered what would happen when Greg realised that Allison is a boy's name...   

       (Well, it is in Ireland anyway. I used to know one. He was six feet four, and had a real "boy named Sue" mean streak about him.)
egbert, Oct 19 2004

       I'm with [Ray] on this one. Hidden buttons are nice. Especially if when you flip the cover open with your thumb a panel with buttons raises up with different colors flashing. Never press the red one.   

       I would however remove the "as industry standard" part. It's not cool if everyone's got one.
Worldgineer, Oct 19 2004

       "I would however remove the "as industry standard" part. It's not cool if everyone's got one."   

       IMHO that makes this 'Let's all' or 'Consumer Advice.' The phrase chafes me something fierce.
contracts, Oct 19 2004

       So, what phrase is it that abrades you so? The "industry standard part" or the "let's all" or the "consumer advice" part?
bristolz, Oct 19 2004

       He means it pushes his (industry standard) buttons.
egbert, Oct 20 2004


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