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dashboard liquid wave toy
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A water filled soda bottle when laid between the dash and the windscreen can give some pretty amazing surface patterns. Probably more prominent in the truck i was driving due to the longer frequencies.

I suggest an aquarium bottle having inner plastic surfaces to act as wave guides on the complex vibrations and driving styles. The surface would have a thin dyed non polar layer. Small, slightly more dense, fish analogues could flow in the currents in the bottom of the vessel.

I was hoping that there would be a molecule that can change from clear to opaque on a density gradient to show the ever changing 3D structure pattern of the waves in the vessel. Maybe back lit with some coloured LEDs.

Please place bubblehead on back shelf. It not recommended to have hypnotic devices in full view of the driver.

wjt, Apr 25 2015


       'For closed course use only in specially equipped and prepared vehicles by professional drivers.' That should cover it.
cudgel, Apr 25 2015

       [cudgel] very clever, A driving game where drivers have to win at the water pump toys except their cars and vibrations are supplying the pump.   

       No, that was not the idea. Mine was more a next generation of the desktop art of that see-saw wave motion. Diver styles would have supplied an infinitesimal but valid difference between any other bubblehead.
wjt, Apr 27 2015


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