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Auto Retracto Cord

Wrap Existing Cords Into Rectactable Device
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Bone me. Simple concept though, just wanted to get it out. Basically have a plastic encasing which you place any cord, (sized accordingly to different plastic recepticals). You wrap it inside so that it fits in the slot and can be wound up, just like any common retractable cording product. Plastic Auto Retactors would come in various sizes to fit many different sized cords: network cables, extension cords, phone cords the norm. Wrap them up in the plastic container, close it up, it locks. Pull out the cord all the way it locks in place. Pull a little bit beyond lock position to allow release (you've seen this before). The point is to market it as a bag of plastic containers which have the retractable "technology" in them. So in other words, simply a mass marketed concept of the retractable cord device. Simple, but effective.
IdeallyFourWord, Jun 19 2007


       //Bone me//. Er, no thanks. I think this is already available for mice? I like the idea, though, as long as it is small and prevents tangling.
Ling, Jun 19 2007


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