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Double Use Plastic Bags

Less plastic in the oceans.
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Due to single-use plastic bags being banned, and the immediate replacement of them by very heavy and durable 10,000x use plastic bags that are also dispensed in massive quantities and pile up in drifts in everyone's homes, and being worn almost as regularly as used surgical masks by dolphins and sharks, there is a need for something more pragmatic.

Introducing the double-use plastic bag. These bags are reinforced along the opening edge with a strand of hemp, tied to a small iron tab. This will reduce wear and tearing enough for a reliable second use.

These should pack nearly as tightly as SU bags in landfills and kitchen cabinets, but float up into the air on gusty days a bit less, due to the extra weight due to the hemp and iron tab. Less into the sea, more into the tip.

mylodon, Nov 04 2022


       I understood that plastic bags were made from a waste product, if it isn't used for making bags it is flared.
pocmloc, Nov 04 2022

       //if it isn't used for making bags it is flared//   

       Ah, the trousers of 1970.
pertinax, Nov 04 2022

       It's not the making, it's the chucking
mylodon, Nov 05 2022

       As, I assume, every other human of my generation does, I save every single plastic bag within another plastic bag of the same type and reuse them until even the bag holding the other bags begins degrading to the point where it will no longer contain the bags within it thereby increasing degradability of a nearly non-degradable substance.   


       Anyone not following this specific thing that I myself do must clearly be a threat to our democracy.   

       Don't chuck them, then.   

       I stuff every bag of whatever style into one single enormous recycling bag and then when I want a bag I rummage until I find one that I like. Does that make me a fascist apologist, a dictator, a gammon, a woke, a commie, or what?
pocmloc, Nov 05 2022

       A hoarder
Voice, Nov 05 2022


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