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Involute Beer Crown

almost as fun as what's inside
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Crimping beer caps with involute profiles would result in (after a night of drinking) dozens of little spur gears with which you can fiddle around with on the bar table or turn into a science fair project.

Of course, you couldn't achieve a gearing ratio as the caps are all the same size, so you must convince other industries to manufacture caps with the same diametral pitch. Then you'd simply pop the lid off the jar of nuts and get a ~7:1 ratio.

Perhaps the center of the cap/lid could have a small, weakened, indentation that could be popped out with a pen, splaying into sharp points and allowing the gears to be mounted on drinking-straw drive shafts.

Flavors of Gear Beer include Pinion Pilsner, Backlash Brown, Herringbone Stout, Reduction Red, Bevel Bock, and Planetary Pale Ale.

Laimak, May 22 2009

All that liquid energy. http://science.hows...om/beer-battery.htm
Waste beer brewing fluids used in MFC microbial fuel cell. [wjt, May 22 2009]


       I sometimes arrange my beer caps on the coffee table as such. watching them is mesmerizing after a few beers.   

       This would be awesome.   

MikeD, May 22 2009

       Ring & Pinion Porter ? Buy the case and get a complimentary motor ("That beer looks GOOD on you").
normzone, May 22 2009

       A beer microbial fuel cell to power that motor.Of course it would have to be able to unfold inside a bottle.   

       DIC of racing a tiny cog car.
wjt, May 22 2009

       Cap sela. (+)   


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