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nail gun tape to join leftover nail runs.
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Building nail guns are like big staplers with the exception that the staples are runs or sticks of nails. Nail sticks tend to break and when swapping different sized nails, one is left with lots of partial pieces.

A designed tape could allow the pieces to be joined so there is less wastage unless economics is not a worry. Sticks could be taped together to perfectly fit the size of the gun. The tape needs to shear in a way the doesn't clog or mitigate the gun.

Obviously an appropriate apprentice is needed and isn't included.

The R&D are also working on their new product, staple tape.

wjt, Dec 06 2015

M13 disintegrating link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M13_link
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       ^ Note: intentional pun.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2015

       Based on your description I can only assume that you don't use many nails. most of the framers and roofers I know almost never pull a partial reef or roll of nails out of a gun, have different guns for different tasks and would never consider using any product that increased the chance of jamming. Jamming is a mess, causes injuries, and wastes time and you would have to save a lot of nails before it would be worthwhile to pay anyone to tape nails together.
WcW, Dec 06 2015

       True, When there is a large specific task, one owner, all is fine, but when there are multiple tasks, with guns shared between group members, bits of lines become more frequent.   

       As the paper on the stick is relatively thick, a thin perforated tape shouldn't pose to much of a problem.
wjt, Dec 07 2015

       It's a good idea, but the partial clips of nails or staples can be used as is without having to splice them to full capacity length so I can't see the product selling.   

       Thought this was going to be strips of nail polish tape. That would be nice.
blissmiss, Dec 07 2015

       [2 fries] Yes, but a hassle compared to a strip. Plus you can make up strips that are one and a half. When the spring goes in staplers they only really work near full capacity.   

       [blissmiss] sounds like an idea. Peel the tape, stick them on the nails, do stuff then, after a time, peel off backer and voila.
wjt, Dec 07 2015


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