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Auto Scratcher

machine that automatically scratches lottery type cards
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Many lottery scratch cards have complicated instructions printed in microscopic writing. These can be difficult for older people or the less able to deal with. What is clearly needed is a simple machine to assist with the process of enjoying the revealing of the panels on a scratch card.

Auto Scratcher solves this problem.

Auto Scratcher takes the form of a compact portable unit consisting of a tray (unto which the scratch card is placed) and a connected apparatus that features a mechanical finger; a numeric key pad and a small LED screen.

Here's how it works:

Each scratch card carries a unique bar code and set of digits which the Auto-Scratcher can read. This process identifies the exact card type but cannot determine if it is a winning card, as only scratching the panels can do that.

To use the Auto-Scratcher, the scratch card is placed on the tray, where small suction holes secure it in position throughout the process. Here it is scanned and the card type confirmed. The mechanical finger then reaches out and begins scratching the required panels in the correct order. (This can be slowed down to create drama via the pre-sets dashboard.)

At the end of the process, the finger retracts and micro vacuum sucks away all the scratched off debris, leaving the card ready to be read as either a winner or more likely a dud.

xenzag, Dec 23 2020

hey [2fries] vibewall
Needs to be at the right height. [wjt, Dec 27 2020]

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       Machine should also read the scratched panels to see if it wins, or loses, and play appropriate sound effects (trumpets and choirs, or comedy fart noises respectively)
pocmloc, Dec 23 2020

       Expensive for every player to have one in their own home.   

       So install the auto scratcher in the shop   

       Possibility of jams or misfeeds if the card is fed manually, so mount it directly beneath the dispensing machine.   

       So you put your £1 in the machine, and a card is dispensed down, scratched and shows you that you have not won, and the builtin camera takes a photo of you looking disappointed, flashes it up on the big screens outside, looks up your name using facial recognition databases and announces in a stern voice broadcast through huge loudspeakers "[xenzag] is a loser".   

       Then if you wish you can put another £1 in to try again.
pocmloc, Dec 23 2020

       Many lottery scratch pads allow x number of selections among many possible. So this needs a way for the user to mark which should be scratched.
Voice, Dec 23 2020

       Auto Scratcher will be aware of all possible outcomes and make those panel selection choices.
xenzag, Dec 23 2020

       Genius, this is.   

       When I see people sitting in their cars at convenience stores, scratching away, I feel bad that they just spent their hard- earned cash on a waste of time. They could have been out walking in nature or something.
blissmiss, Dec 24 2020

       ^My consolation is that it is a form of social tax but true financial pressures do make some turn to the wrong solutions.
wjt, Dec 25 2020

       But... my back.
This was supposed to automatically scratch my back.
So disappointed.


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