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Auto Tipping Hat

Auto adjusting eye concealing hat apparatus
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This design can work with almost any design of brimmed hat.

The dapperer the better.

Under the hat is a subframe/suspension with a ferrous metal dome that encapsulates the skull portion normally covered by a hat.

An autonomous small flat electric motorized magnetic vehicular articulating hat mount can move around on the dome with a hat mounted to it.

Hidden in the hat will be cameras and a computer that track the eyes of the person your are talking to and in reference to your own eyes, adjusts the hat so the brim just covers your eyes.

Giblet, Jan 15 2015


       Programmable - I want parameters.
normzone, Jan 15 2015

       Oh, and not to be confused with Cow Tipping. Autos require more team members.   

       I'd want to have the ability to straight up eyeball some people, and tip it momentarily to others.
normzone, Jan 15 2015

       "saluting device" patented by James Boyle in 1896.
FlyingToaster, Jan 15 2015

       Yes I'm sure I have seen Victorian patents for this kind of thing.
pocmloc, Jan 15 2015


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