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Bald Cap

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A baseball cap that looks like a bald head with a brim.

Persons of baldness wearing baseball caps are often assumed to be hiding their baldness. This hat says 'I'm bald but I justed wanted to wear a baseball cap."

A person with persisting hair could wear the hat to express empathy or to be opposite.

There should definitely be two large googly eyes on the brim.

Mustardface, Apr 16 2014

A video with a Designer baseball cap in it. https://www.youtube...watch?v=lRzFqW4Xh2k
For the lyrics ask a Dutch friend to translate. Otherwise just let your spirit be transported by the beautiful tune, and be inspired by the Magnificat of lines of the cap's design. All it lacks is a suitable bald patch. [skoomphemph, Apr 19 2014]


       Though to a somewhat limited audience, I guess a bald bun is in order, old Mustardface. +
blissmiss, Apr 16 2014

       [+] the brim is not flesh-coloured, right ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 16 2014

       This is, I can confidently say, the best idea beginning with "B" that I have read here over the last week.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 16 2014

       [+] quite inventive!
xandram, Apr 16 2014

       I think the chicks might not dig it. Can one wear a wig on top?
bungston, Apr 16 2014

       Only if it's a bald wig. You wouldn't want to be struck by the Phantom Head Shaver, would you?
mitxela, Apr 16 2014

       Only if you wanted to open a tobacconist's, in which case, beware of Hungarians ...
8th of 7, Apr 16 2014

       I love you guys / [blissmiss]
Mustardface, Apr 17 2014

       // for the kids, so as to avoid emotional scarring //   

       We read the words, but the meaning eludes us ...
8th of 7, Apr 17 2014

       I've been told that sometimes bad things happen to your emotions (AKA feelings, apparently ... whaddever ...), and when that happens it's called "scarring". Just thought I'd better cover myself against eventualities and stuff like that. Just go with the finger in the wet brain look, and ignore the ... what's it called now? ...   

       ... Hang on ...   

       ... It's on the tip of my tongue. Actually, of my pen. Actually, of the finger I type with ...   


       Maybe. Near enough, seeing as it's something to ignore, anyway.
skoomphemph, Apr 18 2014

       Yes, the brim would be colored. [edited]
Mustardface, Apr 18 2014

       Just for the record we, uh, I don't wear a baseball cap to hide my baldness but to keep our, uh, my head from burning or freezing.   

       How about one that looks scalped? Skull bone replica on top, simulated gore for the band, hollows with red LEDs deep within instead of the goggle-eyes, and a nice, practical Foreign Legion kepi cloth back to protect the neck. (A baseball cap gives quite lousy protection.)   

       The front could be like a Jack Parow cap. (Parow is a city close to Cape Town. The word "parow" is old-timer slang for a fight on this far tip of the Earth, too, but I don't think Jack is a bloodthirsty kind of guy. Now I need a link to the cap without the indecipherable rude lyrics.)
skoomphemph, Apr 19 2014

       Exposed brain baseball cap, cool !
8th of 7, Apr 19 2014


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