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Auto Update Diary

Electronic diary-calendar system
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You know how you have three or sometimes more places you write appointments down in? A work diary, work calendar, home calendar, personal diary, online reminder services and so on. How great would it be if you could annotate in one and have it copied to all the others you own? Like an electronic notebook that takes your handwritten notes and puts it onto the relevant day on all your note making places, so you never miss an appointment! I dont know how many times i've written something in the wrong diary and then forgotten it!
UK_inthe_NZ, Sep 20 2005


       That's basically what a PDA does. You make chages in the device or one of the desktops it syncs to, and eventuually they all say the same thing.   

       This doesn't handle the calendar in the kitchen, nor the post-its on your monitor, of course.
sdpinpdx, Sep 21 2005


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